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Ace Learning's vision is to provide students with a sense of satisfaction and personal achievement in their studies.  By incorporating a positive environment, ACE is committed to offer a learning environment where students can learn without stress or pressure and embark on a journey to learning at their own pace. Along with an accurate assessment, ACE offers a unique, customized tutorial and enrichment program for both elementary and secondary school students. Our comprehensive program focuses mainly on the subjects of English, Math and Science, with additional support in other school subjects such as Social Sciences and core. Ace learning provides more than just tutors, and tutoring services. ACE prioritizes the completion of homework and assignments. They aim to support, facilitate and help children by providing a high quality supplementary education so that all children can achieve academic success. ACE is dedicated to improving your child’s academics. They strive to improve every student’s performance by offering a program that covers and reinforces the key concepts of the Ontario curriculum.
154 Queen Street S., Unit 220,
(647) 760-1143
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