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Write on Q is an after school program that focuses on communication skills, particularly writing, public speaking and team building skills. They teach students to organize their thoughts and ideas and  communicate them in a clear and effective manner, orally and in writing.  Effective communication skills are critical to the success of every student. In school, students are required to demonstrate what they have learned through writing and presenting. Knowing the answer is simply not enough. A student must be able to effectively communicate what they know and how they arrived at their conclusion. As a student matures, they will be expected to write and present their ideas and knowledge with greater clarity and confidence. What they offer: • A unique methodology for teaching effective writing skills • An opportunity to develop confidence and improve oral communication skills while presenting in front of peers regularly • A collaborative approach to learning that enhances interpersonal and team building skills • Vocabulary builders to enhance fluency, comprehension and style Read more in "Additional Details"
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During their educational career, students will sift through large volumes of information. They must decipher what is important and what isn't and capture that information effectively. When writing, many students have difficulty capturing key information and then sorting and organizing their ideas into clear and meaningful arrangements. Some stare endlessly at blank pages or struggle with graphic organizers, not knowing where or how to begin to arrange their ideas. This can frustrate the student and discourage them from writing. Learning how to record, sort and organize their information in a clear manner will enable them to write and present well.

Write on Q teaches students to write using a unique methodology. Unlike other programs, students will not start with graphic organizers or a writing prompt on a blank page. With our methodology, students will learn to read material, take brief, concise notes and convert those notes into their own words. To write well organized compositions, paragraphs should follow a proper structure as they are the building blocks for any good essay. In our program, students will learn how to structure their writing in unified paragraphs and how to make their writing more captivating using various stylistic techniques. First, they work to perfect the student's note taking and rewriting into paragraph skills, as these are the foundation for effective essays. Next, they introduce various essay styles. One cannot commence work on essay writing until they lay a strong and clear writing foundation first. Writing is a skill that takes time to develop. Using an effective methodology that addresses so many areas of the writing process will equip your child with many tools to help them succeed.

Write on Q teaches students that writing is a process which includes organizing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. To achieve success in writing, students must complete these various steps and not rush to write in one sitting. They practice this process repeatedly. Write on Q provides checklists to foster ownership of every step of their composition. They help develop good habits and build effective skills in their writing.

Finally, to develop their expression, articulation, confidence and overall public speaking capabilities, students will learn to recite various forms of poetry with proper emotion, clarity and composure. In addition, regular presentations of their written material will strengthen the student’s ability to stand up in front of their peers and deliver information more confidently and with greater articulation and poise.

Write on Q is an enrichment program that supplements the Ontario school curriculum. Our curriculum is taught by certified teachers in a classroom setting each week. All our teachers hold a university degree as well as a designation in education. Our low student to teacher ratio classes are held every week for 1 1⁄2 hours from September to June.

The concepts taught in class are reinforced with weekly homework assignments. Each week, students will receive approximately 60 to 90 minutes of homework to strengthen what they learned in class. Completion of homework is critical to their success, as practice is necessary to master the techniques they have learned in class. Homework consists of writing, presentation work and vocabulary. Vocabulary homework exercises are used to help students build a rich repertoire of words, enhancing their comprehension and fluency, while improving their writing capabilities.

Our program is designed for students from elementary school through to high school. Students must be motivated learners, interested in developing their writing and presentation skills further. Students are accepted on the basis of reading comprehension skills, motivation and a qualifying interview.

Parents can make a huge difference to a child’s success! Encouraging your child to develop strong communication skills at a young age can have a lifelong positive impact on their confidence and their overall education. However, writing and presenting are difficult skills to learn and master. When taught in a systematic way and practiced regularly, students will develop confidence and effective communication skills, contributing to their overall success.

Clearly, Write on Q is a communication program that will result in a student’s success on many levels!
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