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At Sylvan Learning we know your child is smarter than their grades. Studies show that the standard classroom teaching methods is not designed for unique personal learning needs. As a result many children cannot achieve grades that reflect their potential and many seek a tutor. At Sylvan we pride ourselves in being able to recognize individual learning differences. Rather than trying to fit children into a universal teaching system, we take the steps to customize a learning program designed to that students specific academic needs. We are pleased to say the results are often amazing extending beyond the academic measures alone. At Sylvan we believe that:
  • Education is Everything: A child’s future depends on a solid education and a love of learning. We teach our students how to learn so they build confidence and develop the skills needed to achieve success in school and beyond. 
  • Learning Should be Personal: We know no two students are exactly alike.  We develop personalized learning plans that are unique to each student.
  • Great Teachers Inspire:  Our teachers don’t just teach.  They turn frustration into confidence, B’s into A’s, and strugglers into achievers one-step at a time.
  • Technology Accelerates Learning:  Technology doesn’t teach students, teachers do.  Combining technology and teaching, the new iPad based Sylvansync teaching platform is a breakthrough in education.
  • Results Matter:  We are committed to ensuring that every student reaches his or her potential. With a proven track record stretching back 34 years we have helped millions of students to succeed. 
Positive academic experience, is accompanied by increased confidence and self-esteem, traits that are transferred beyond the classroom environment and into everyday life. Sylvan Learning has been the trusted brand in supplemental education for many years. We constantly evolve our methods, process and teaching tools to meet the needs of today. Unlike many other amateur tutoring services we have full-time, management staff , purpose-built teaching facilities and employ Ontario Certified Teachers. Our tutors and entire team are passionate about providing flexible, affordable, personalized education solutions for your children.
  • Sylvan offers programs for students from JK through Grade 12 in all academic areas, including Reading, Math, Study Skills, Writing, SAT Prep and Homework Support.  Our flexible scheduling and affordable payment options lead to a solution that is right for your family.
4190 South Service Rd, ,
Address Line 2
Suite 100
(905) 633-7323
Mon-Thu 9am-8pm/Fri+Sat 9am-2pm
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