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What makes Sharpen That Pencil unique? They offer three specialized programs and services.  Homeschooling services, math mastery programs, and reading and writing mastery programs.  Their Homeschooling services will plan, create and execute an educational plan that will allow your child to become a successful independent learner outside the public school system.  What makes Sharpen that Pencil’s multi-sensory math mastery program unique?  Grades K-9 Their 30 year old award winning program has changed the way their students understand and use math. Their program is flexible in meeting the needs of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. Their unique program is a multi-sensory, mastery based program that focuses on concept understanding and is effective for ALL learners.  Their program shows students more ways to connect with what they’re learning. What makes Sharpen that Pencil’s reading and writing mastery program unique?  Grades K-12 Whether your child is an eager learner or a reluctant writer their award-winning program teaches your child writing with confidence. The program isn’t overwhelming, it is enjoyable, humorous, and structured to make the writing process understandable.    
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